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Pandora Wolfe

If you found me via my Pandora Wolfe blog, you may be wondering why I’ve decided to set up a second blog? The answer’s fairly simple - I’m writing other books than Pandora and while I’ll maintain that site and update the blog for any major Pandora related news, I realised I was going to need a different page to talk about my other writing projects and all the completely unrelated stuff I occasionally like to post, like short stories or comments on writing.

Obviously if there is any progress in the meantime, I’m unlikely to keep quiet about it on here, but if you want to see my back posts on the Pandora blog, you can find them at

Posted 177 weeks ago

Well hello there

As an inaugural post, this won’t be life-changing, but hopefully it’ll let you know what to expect from me in future.  I’m a forty-something writer of children’s books. This blog will cover the following:-

- My latest writing

- Progress towards a publishing deal

- Books I’m reading

- Things other writers I know are up to

- Movies, TV and other random stuff I’m interested in.

So if any of that appeals, follow the blog and feel free to interact.


Posted 177 weeks ago